Fifteen Black members, after they were released from slavery, desired to serve God under their own "vine and fig tree."Their first building was a "Brush Harbor" just east of the present building, which was named New Bethel A.M.E. Church.The membership increased rapidly until 1876.This newly established congregation joined the Florida Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.A log cabin was built on the same site and within years it decayed badly.The members then built a frame structure with Brother Robert Lewis as contractor in 1931.This building was destroyed by fire, which led to the construction of another frame building the same year with Mr. Mitchell Scott as contractor.In 1974 under the leadership of Rev. Henry R. Griffin, the present block edifice was completed with Brother Emmitt Gallon serving as contractor.The old building was torn down. The site on which the church is presently located consists of one acre of land, which was purchased from Burton W. Bellamy for $1.00.

Later, Rev. Griffin and the members decided to undertake building a Fellowship Hall/Education Center.The blueprints were secured and construction began in 1980.Rev. Griffin was assigned to serve another church and under the pastorate of Rev. M. F. Young, more steps were taken to complete the structure.Shortly thereafter, he also was reassigned, and the Rev. J. S. Madison continued this work until Rev. Queen Miller was appointed.During Rev. Miller's tenure, the members worked with great determination, having faith that God would make their dream a reality.With members giving their time, talent, and finances and Brother Emmitt Gallon as contractor, the addition was completed in 1990.

Many have given labors of love, dedicated and untiring service and financial support toward the uplifting and building of God's kingdom through New Bethel A.M.E. Church.In addition to our regular Sunday worship services and Bible Study, these facilities are used for family reunions, weddings, funerals, voting precinct, food distribution, pallbearer association meetings, civic groups' meetings and health fairs.We have also hosted several District Conferences, District Church School Conventions, Area WMS and YPD meetings and joint revivals.Several of our members have been elected to area, district, and conference offices and received numerous awards.Sisters Arneter Hill, Estella Hagan, and Archie Seabrooks were consecrated as Deaconess in Florida Conference of the 11th Episcopal District.

                                  Former Pastors

Rev. W. W. Washington                    Rev. S. P. Hooks
Rev. A. W. Watson                           Rev. J. B. Branch
Rev. L. D. Johnson                            Rev. G. W. Jones
Rev. J. E. Roberts                             Rev. W. H. Folsom
Rev. C. S. Clayton                            Rev. A. H. Hunter
Rev. S. W. Grant                              Rev. C. J. Reed
Rev. M. J. Lincoln                            Rev. Sylvester Steward
Rev. H. W. Kemp                            Rev. Andrew W. Sanders
Rev A. R. Hansberry                        Rev. G. L. Bryant
Rev. H. BakerRev.                           Ralph L. Wilson
Rev. S. J. Brandon                           Rev. A. H. Oates
Rev. A. I. G. Richardson                  Rev. Henry R. Griffin
Rev. W. B. Browning                       Rev. Ira Hobbs
Rev. T. B. Brooks                            Rev. L. L. Jefferson
Rev. W. M. Mitchell                         Rev. Morris F. Young
Rev. T. D. Darris                              Rev. J. S. Madison
Rev. D. G. Jackson                          Rev. Queen E. Miller
Rev. L. R. Hansberry                       Rev. Wallace Henderson
Rev. A. B. Coward                          Rev. Marque Woodard
                                                        Rev. Willie Edd Brown